Bacon-Wrapped Strawberries

You know how you cover your face with both hands while anticipating a scary part of a movie but leave just enough room for one eye to peek through your fingers?  That's totally me right now.  I cringe to think about the first reaction one might experience in response to a recipe like this... and I get it.  Reactions will vary but most likely will range from "disgusting!" to "interesting!" to "are you kidding me?!"; either way, these bacon-wrapped strawberries are definitely something that you should try.  Imagine salty, crispy bacon paired with a sweet, delicate strawberry.  Hard to imagine?  That's the response I got from a few people upon description.  I don't blame you if you don't try it; however, I would challenge you to open your mind and give your taste buds a little ride with this unconventional approach to strawberries.  I dare you.  You might be pleasantly surprised - just as I was.  

Note:  Hulling the strawberries is optional.  I like to keep the leaves intact just for aesthetic purposes.  If you choose not to hull them, the leaves will become crisp and brittle, so you may have a few pieces that crumble off when you pick them up to take a bite.  While strawberry leaves are edible, the texture is probably something you wouldn't enjoy, so use your own discretion.


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