Lazy Chicken

I'm going through my normal, crazy day and I start to plan out dinner in my mind.  Then, it hits me.  You forgot to thaw out the chicken in the fridge the night before!  Now what?!  Sometimes life gets a little hectic and you're just doing what you can to get by.  This is where Lazy Chicken comes in.  First, you place the chicken in a baking dish... frozen.  Yes, frozen.  Then, you top it with whatever you have on hand.  Salsa, BBQ sauce, Ranch dressing - you get the idea!  I had leftover chopped onion, tomato, and green pepper from making stromboli over the weekend, so I used that and also threw in some garlic and a can of drained black beans.  Bake it covered in the oven for an hour and viola!  You have delicious, tender chicken with little-to-no time or effort on your part!


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