Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie

We all evolve over time.  We try to better ourselves and learn new things.  Sometimes we fail but we pick ourselves up, shake off the dirt, learn from the experience, and move on.  I can see it in my life as a wife, as a mother, as a follower of Jesus, as a friend, as a neighbor.  I can even see it in my cooking.   I look back and smile when I think about my reaction to three little words and how that reaction has drastically changed over the last nine years.  "What's for dinner?"  Nine years ago, it was panic that set in immediately.  I feel sorry for that little girl.  She didn't know the first thing about cooking and all she wanted to do was cook a nice meal for her husband when he came home from work.  The fear of the unknown, however, evolved into a desire to master the skill.  After trial and many errors, the desire to master the skill evolved into a passion for and love of cooking.  

I originally learned how to make Pennsylvania Dutch chicken pot pie from my mother-in-law.  Just as most things do, this recipe has evolved over time.  It is a family favorite - hearty, comforting, delicious and perfect for a chilly fall night!   


If you would like to make your own noodles, I have included instructions at the very end.  

I make this dish sometimes using leftover roasted chicken (and leftover turkey after Thanksgiving).  If you are doing so, skip the first step and start out with 7 cups of chicken broth.  Continue to follow the directions and reduce the potatoes to 4 medium, reduce the corn to 1/2 cup, and reduce the pasta to 6 ounces.  Also, use 1 1/2 to 2 cups of leftover cooked chicken (or turkey) at the end.


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