Apricot Ribbons

Every year, someone asks me to bake these cookies either as a gift for someone else or for a party.  This year, I was asked to make 7 dozen of them so they could be given as Christmas gifts for other people.  These cookies are so delicate and buttery, they almost melt in your mouth!  The dough is very easy to work with and I've used it to make candy cane shortbread cookies and even thumbprint cookies.  Raspberry ribbons used to be my favorite until I tried making apricot ribbons for the first time!  They are little pieces of heaven!  Mix it up a little and use your favorite kind of fruit preserves such as cherry, raspberry, grape, orange - they're all good!

Note:  As stated above, these cookies are very delicate.  Before you transfer the cookies from the cutting board to a serving plate, they must cool completely.  If you don't allow them to completely cool, they will break down the center when you pick them up.  


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