Cinnamon Applesauce Crumb Cake

Confession.  I'm not the best baker in the world.  I'll admit it - I don't like sticking to recipes, and I especially don't like measuring out ingredients.  I guess it's just because I'm lazy I'm so used to not measuring things when I'm cooking.  With baking, everything has to be exact - there's no eyeballing it.  So, one of the things I have been trying to do recently is bettering myself in the baking department.      

My husband and I recently came across some delicious Amish applesauce cake that we both loved.  He asked me over this past weekend to try to recreate it for him.  Trouble is, I've never made applesauce cake before, and I'm definitely not the most confident baker in the world.  After doing a little research, I came across a recipe from Gourmet that has received some highly rated reviews.  I made a few slight changes to the recipe and added my own crumb topping to it.  It turned out delicious!  It was easy to make, moist, and not too sweet - just right.  This is a great cake that can be eaten for dessert and breakfast - definitely a keeper!


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