Step-By-Step Chicken & Vegetable Soup From Scratch

In my last few blog posts, I touched on how and why we are spring cleaning both our diet and our budget.  We have rotisserie chicken about once a week for dinner, and I usually end up using the leftover chicken in another meal that week.  This time, I wanted to try to stretch out the leftover rotisserie chicken to make two additional meals.  I used 1 cup of the leftover chicken to make a yummy Chicken Parmigiana Pasta Casserole, which was not only easy, but it was so incredibly delicious!  The second meal I made from the leftover rotisserie chicken was this chicken and vegetable soup using the carcass and skin to make a homemade broth.  My family raved over this soup!  That stinking rotisserie chicken was used to feed my family three separate meals!  Talk about saving money!  

Here's how I did it.  


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